xyzXyz Landscape supply was established in 1997 by Xakarij Y. Zdunic (XYZ) as a landscape material supply.  His philosophy is the importance 0f old world customer service and values  as taught to him by his father, Nick Zdunic.  In 1999 with the closing of the local John Deere and Stihl dealers he began the journey in the outdoor power scamequipment business with Jonsered. As energy prices climbed rapidly, in 2000 he brought on the Heatmor, outdoor wood stove line.   In 2001 he became a Husqvarna dealer expanding the choices and products for the customers.   Fast forward …In 2008 he began tapping maple trees on his family farm and offering various maple products at XYZ.  This set forth his new line of maple equipment products from Sunrise Metal Shop based in Topka,  Indiana. He is also bringing in DSD Stars line of maple sap collection products.  This venture with the Amish company Sunrise Metal Shop, joins XYZ’s old world service and values, and DSD’s vision and forward thinking to create a maple equipment venture unmatched in the industry. With the arrival of 2019 the XYZ brand has grown into the online auction business. XYZ Auction Service is proud to announce a partnership with the Miedema Auction family (aka 1800lastbid.com). Both companies have been in business for a very long time and share the values of being honest and serving their respected communities with the highest level of integrity, making this the perfect match. 1800lastbid.com will share almost a half million registered users and a website with nearly 40,000 page hits a week with xyzauctionservice.com. Thus providing XYZ Auction Service customers with the industry’s highest level of exposure and opportunity to sell their unwanted items fast and at the highest price that the market will bear.