Green Mountain Pellet Grills

Grill Smarter. Eat Better.

Xyz Landscape Supply proudly offers a full line of Green Mountain Grills, wood pellets, and grilling accessories.

Jim Bowie

This workhorse is roomy enough for a dozen racks of ribs or six briskets. Feed a small country!

Daniel Boone

Think everything! If you can grill it on charcoal or gas or cook it in your kitchen oven, you can do it on the Daniel Boone! Chef up!

Davy Crocket

This is the go-to grill for small families, campers, tailgaters, RVers, and anyone else who wants to cook two racks of ribs or 4-6 nice steaks or a bunch of burgers. Wi-Fi control is standard equipment!

Big Pig Trailer Rig

Okay, this one’s not for everybody. But if you want a movable feast, this is the grill for you. Whole hog, anyone? This big guy has WiFi Smart Control too!

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